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We are…Dads Against Mosquitoes!

You are probably wondering “What’s with that name?” Well, there is a very good reason for it. Dads Against Mosquitoes was founded by a Dad who wanted to safely protect his young children from mosquito bites without having to use potentially harmful DEET directly on their skin or caustic chemicals in his yard. His children were extremely sensitive to mosquito bites, developing very large hives where they were bitten. After searching long and hard, this Dad discovered a product that would safely and effectively control mosquitoes in his yard all summer long, without having to use harmful chemicals. Since then, other dedicated Dads (and Moms too) have gotten involved in the ongoing quest to protect children, adults and pets too. We proudly serve a wide range of customers including residential families, park districts and restaurants, just to name a few.

Dads Against Mosquitoes is Chicago’s original monthly scheduled spraying service devoted to protecting your outdoor spaces against mosquitoes and other biting insects all season long.  Once applied our safe long-lasting product will remain effective for weeks so you can relax in your outdoor area and enjoy the summer free from mosquitoes.  Our environmentally friendly, EPA-approved products are extremely safe for people, pets and plants. In addition, Dads Against Mosquitoes also offers an all-natural “bee friendly” bee deterrent, which is ideal for outdoor eating areas which attract pesky bees.

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