What Our Customers Are Saying

“After being chased inside by mosquitoes this summer, a friend suggested I call Dads Against Mosquitoes.  They were prompt, professional, friendly and best of all THEIR PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!!!!  I can now sit in my yard at night with my husband and enjoy a nice bottle of wine without mosquitoes biting us!  It lasts for several weeks too so it is totally worth it!  We give Dads Against Mosquitoes a big ‘thumbs up!'” – Marty S. – Bloomingdale, IL

100% Guaranteed“I cannot say enough about Dads Against Mosquitoes! I have to admit I was a skeptic at first thinking there was no way my heavily landscaped yard would be mosquito-free for several weeks. Well I am thrilled to announce that I was wrong. I regularly watch my 5 grandchildren and I hated spraying them with the over-the-counter DEET products. The fact that it is a safe product for kids and pets is comforting, as I also have 2 small dogs. I was pleased to find out that it also helps to control fleas and ticks. BONUS!!! Dads Against Mosquitoes always tries to give personal service and they are a wonderful group to do business with. I have recommended them to tons of neighbors who now are mosquito-free too!   One more thing….I also have a bee problem. Not hives or anything, just bees that frequently hang around my patio and chase the grandkids. Dads has these things they call “bee bags” which I hang around my patio area and they actually deter the bees in that area. They have really helped a lot!” – Karol K – Itasca, IL

“The mosquitoes in my yard were awful this year! I have a pool in my yard so we always have lots of people over. We were all getting eaten alive! Dads Against Mosquitoes came to the rescue and we are happy to say we have reclaimed our beautiful yard again, without a mosquito in sight! I also learned that they like to hire young, energetic college kids who are eager to earn summer money for school. They are some of the most polite, courteous young men I have ever met. Kudos to Dads for giving them an opportunity!  I highly recommend them!” – Curt E. – Wood Dale, IL

“LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Dads Against Mosquitoes is the best! Their product works wonders in getting rid of the mosquitoes for a long time! Can’t imagine our summers without D.A.M.!” – Carol H. – Elmhurst, IL

“We have been loyal Dads Against Mosquitoes customers for 6 years and they have always provided great service with a product that really lives up to its promise. We have a very busy household with several kids and pets too. I always have worried about the kids and West Nile Virus, so it is comforting to know our yard is protected from mosquitoes. We were in our neighbor’s yard the other night and the mosquitoes were so bad we gathered everything up and moved the party to our yard. They are now customers too! Thanks to Dads Against Mosquitoes for allowing us to enjoy our yard for the past several years!” – Peggy D – Elmhurst, IL

“I am a chef at a prominent Chicago restaurant with a large, outside dining patio. We have used Dads Against Mosquitoes for several years to get rid of mosquitoes. We also use their “bee bags” to deter bees away from the tables, which is a huge help. We have very happy customers who regularly dine outside who are able to enjoy their meals without being bothered by pesky bugs. Happy customers are returning customers! Highly recommend Dads Against Mosquitoes!” – Tony P – Chicago, IL

“I saw the Dads Against Mosquitoes truck in my neighborhood in the spring and decided to give them a call. I am so glad I did! They are helpful, friendly and genuinely listened to me. They took the time to explain all about their product and service with no sales pressure at all. I had been buying the yard foggers at the hardware store, but they only last a short time and it took several cans to cover my large yard. I am very satisfied with the way the product works and the service I received and will be a customer for years to come!” – Mary S – Downers Grove, IL

“UNBELIEVABLE…NO MOSQUITOES FOR SEVERAL WEEKS!!!!! Thanks to Dads Against Mosquitoes for letting us enjoy our yard again!” – Mike J – Elmhurst, IL

“I got married in June and called Dads Against Mosquitoes to treat the park area where we held the outdoor ceremony and reception. With over 200 guests I was very nervous because the mosquitoes were horrible this year. Dads came out exactly when they said they would be there, treated the area and I am happy to say we had a flawless, mosquito-free day.   The product worked wonderfully! Thanks DADS!” – Lisa M. – River Forest, IL

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